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JennyWakeAndBake talks about microdosing THC

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All right are owned.
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Have you ever been robbed while trying to buy weed? Brittany explains what happened to her one time

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The war on pot is not over. Penalties and jailtime are still a threat, and cannabis entrepreneurs struggle to adapt.

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Legal Marijuana in America: The New Green Rush (Full Episode) | Nat Geo Investigates

National Geographic

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A man facing drug charges gets caught smoking marijuana in the virtual courtroom, in this scene from Season 5, Episode 39.

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Talking about the pricing of weed

HighLife Cloudz
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HighLifeCloudz intro

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A properly made slow-burning cannabis cigar can get you high all day long.

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The World’s Most Expensive Blunt Costs $50k

A Very Stoned Date Night (With Weed Cheesecake)

Making Weed Oil Without Blowing Up Your Home

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0:00 Step 1: Roast It
0:20 Step 2: Mouthpiece It
0:51 Step 3: Bind It
1:51 Step 4: Wrap It
2:32 Step 5: Smoke It
2:56 Step 6: Sit Down

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Brittany Smokes Weed talks about her weed haul living in Colorado

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Marijuana journalist / Jurnalist drogat

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Cannabis: Stigmatized Wonder Drug | ENDEVR Documentary

Marijuana Business - The Most Lucrative Cash Crop:

What if medical cannabis could be a cure to most severe diseases, such as cancer or AIDS?

As a matter of fact, molecules inside marijuana are now at the center of medical research around the world. There are more and more scientists, doctors, and psychologists encouraging the therapeutic and controlled use of cannabinoids for specific treatments. While in France the use of this plant remains strictly illegal, the Israeli government authorize the production, sales and utilization of medicinal cannabis – in order to cure serious illness.

Several federal states of America have been legalizing it. In some states like Colorado, children and adults suffering from epilepsy crises or multiple sclerosis can find some relief thanks to this special drug. This has created a new form of internal migration – “the medical displaced”. Even more promising, Spanish researchers have just discovered and tested how cannabinoids can kill cancer cells on laboratory mice…
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A discussion on why many people prefer edibles for medicating

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Delicious looking medical strain Blue Mystic

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Die Sängerin Rihanna feierte den International Marijuana Day.

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Another smoke sesh with Brittany. RIP Chem Dawg

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In this video Brittany discusses the differences between smoking flower or taking dabs

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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

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Is drinking coffee ok if you suffer from anxiety?

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